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eZERO offers fleets a Class 1 & 2 conversion Program

eZERO's "UPCYCLING" EV Division is led by Alvaro de la Paz, whom is an EV engineering expert, with over 20 years' experience converting gasoline and diesel vehicles into electric.

We have noticed there is a huge gap in the fleet market to assist fleets in electrifying their existing well-maintained gas/diesel vehicles to electric. This provides yet another

solution for fleets to consider prior to purchasing new electric vehicles.

If you are looking to convert all or a portion of your current ICE fleet, we can offer a tailor-made solution which is suitable to your needs. Contact us today for more details.


Contact us today to discuss how we could help give a new electric life to your exsiting fleets

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Urban Mobility:

We perform electric conversion for fleets of commercial vehicles delivering goods and services in cities. Urban environment is the place where thermal vehicles consume the most and where electric vehicles perform the best.


eZERO ensures that the electric conversion meets the client requirements. The battery type and range are set in function of your needs.


An electric converted car consumes less energy, regenerates energy during braking phases and runs on cheaper fuel. The car overhaul is simpler: no more oil and reduced wear of brakes. Save 70% on your fuel bill and extra 50%+ on Maintenance

33kwh Complete Kit - Now taking Orders! Contact us.
43kwh complete Kit - Available Q3 - 2023.

What are the benefits of converting your vehicle to electric?

When repurposed into Converted EV’s, these end-of-life vehicles are cleaner, less expensive and better-equipped than their all-new equivalents, helping fleet operators and authorities reach their net-zero goals.

  • No-Emissions: Driving A Converted Vehicle Reduces Air Pollution (And Saves Lives)
  • Expensive? Not Really. Discover The Long-Term Economic Benefits Of Driving Electric
  • An Electric Car Is Reliable, Powerful, And Responsive
  • A Converted Car Needs Less Maintenance
  • Electric Cars Are Very Silent (Quiet)

Due to high utilization rate of fleet vehicles, the advantages of electric vehicles are usually magnified compared to privately owner EVs. Over time, fleets with EVs can be more financially beneficial as maintenance cost and refueling costs are much lower compared to traditional petrol cars. Furthermore, adoption of EV in fleets will also reduce carbon footprint drastically.

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